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Frequently asked questions

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How can I buy a TIFLIS HANDpan ?

If you want to buy a TIFLIS HANDpan,  you can either place an order or wait untill a flash sale is made available.

Where do you make the TIFLIS HANDpan?

The TIFLIS Handpan is entirely built in Greece.

How long do I need to wait after placing my order?

The production time for your order is individually calculated and depends on its place on the list!

This can take 2 / 3 weeks, 1 / 3 months, 3 / 6 months and so on...

Can I get my order via mail?

We can send our orders anywhere in the world.


Does the price include the delivery costs?

The customer pays the delivery costs.


Delivery costs and time depend on the recipient’s country and are calculated individually.


Shipping cost is not included in the price of the TIFLIS HANDpan. It is the responsibility of the customer to research customs regulations and pay all import taxes/duties.


Which mail service do you use?

We only work with a courier company.

The order will be sent only after the full payment has been confirmed. Paid orders are packed and sent within 1 or 2 business days and usually arrive within 3 or 7 days after they have been shipped.

Once the package has been sent, we will give you a tracking number.


Can I pick up my handpan personally?

Yes, if you have placed the order and your instrument is ready.

You can come and pick it up yourself.

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How does temperature affect the TIFLIS HANDpan?
Average variations in temperature have little effect on the long-term stability of the TIFLIS HANDpan. However, the instrument should not be left for a prolonged period in vehicles that are in the hot sun. In direct sunlight, the tuning may shift minimally but will return to its correct position when allowed to cool off. In cooler temperatures, the tuning may also shift, however it will return to normal at room temperature.

Does each TIFLIS HANDpan have a serial number?
Each TIFLISANDpan is etched with “TIFLIS”,  and the month and year that it was finished.


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