In 2012, I began my first inquiries,

Charmed by the  Hang musical instrument. I fell in love with its unusual sound. The inaccessibility and rarity /of hang/ inspired me to create my own musical sculpture.


Research of the Steel Pan.

The first step towards the desired goal.

In 2016, the work on Handpan was resumed.

For several months, I had been devoting 100% of my free time to exploring a possible structure for creating my own instrument.


Masters always look for an original sound in their work.


As well as find a unique approach to creating the instrument.


Build their own unique musical sculpture.

After several weeks of work. I started to get a feel for how to tune the membrane. This was a significant motivation to carry on with the work.


However, various factors obliged me to halt my work, and the project was put on hold.

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